Summer Season Greets Heavy Maintenance Projects

With many school facilities empty during summer break, maintenance and repair teams are moving in to create a healthier, more productive environment for students come fall.

Q&A: Maintenance and Operations, 21st-Century Style

By Lisa Kopochinski
Much has changed over the decades in the maintenance and operations of schools. The facilities industry no longer just comprises individuals who know a little something about construction or cleaning. New building technologies and increasing legislative requirements have placed a strong focus on professionalism and the importance of working with industry leaders.

Surviving Summer Break With JOC

As students count down to summer vacation, administrators and facilities managers gear up for the construction season — an ideal time to complete projects such as bathroom renovations, ADA upgrades, classroom conversions, and the paint and flooring jobs that pile up over time. Now is the ideal time to prepare.

Wearing Two Hats

By Lisa Kopochinski
Maintaining and operating schools today, as always, remains a daunting task for administrators. Challenges constantly arise in the form of older schools that need to be seriously updated to meet today’s educational needs, new structures with their own unique issues and the overall lack of funding available.

Cree Luminaires Installed at Washington State Elementary School

Monroe Elementary School in installed nearly 450 LED fixtures by Cree Inc., becoming the first predominately LED-lit school in the Everett Public Schools district.