Solar for Schools Hits Each District in Utah

By Ahavah Revis
As part of the Solar for Schools program, solar panels installations are underway at 73 schools across all 41 school districts in Utah.

Rotating the Curriculum

By Nina Wolgelenter
As energy costs increase districts are looking for new ways to improve heating system efficiency while maintaining student comfort throughout the winter.

Gaining Green Support

By Bill Harris
The past few years have been lean ones for most school districts across the country, so it is no big surprise that construction activity has waned in many areas.

California District Plans Nine LEED Gold Projects

While construction has slowed for some districts, the Sweetwater Union High School district in Southern California is working on nine projects designed to meet LEED Gold certification.

Bundle Green Retrofits

By Rachel Gutter
School districts that couple low- and no-cost improvements with energy-saving system upgrades are finding that they can afford to green their existing facilities.

ISU Expansion Awarded Platinum Certification

AMES, Iowa — The King Pavilion addition to the Iowa State University College of Design was awarded LEED Platinum certification, marking the first higher education facility in the state to reach the pinnacle of the LEED system.

Green Scene: Districtwide Sustainability

By Rachel Gutter
Many of us who work in the green building movement have a tendency to present sustainability as though it is a new idea. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Green School Retrofits

By Rachel Gutter
Just because you aren’t building green schools doesn’t mean you can’t make an existing school facility green.