Cradle to Cradle Report Highlights Certification Benefits

The Cradle to Cradle Certified Program, which was integrated into the new LEED Version 4 rating system, may be the next rating system for product manufacturing companies in the school construction market to consider.

Washburn University Names Residence Hall Architects

The Washburn University Board of Regents moved even closer to breaking ground on a new 350-bed student residence on June 11 when they approved the hiring of HTK Architects of Topeka and KwK Architects of St. Louis.

Wine Tasting Program Enhances Student Engagement

Vancouver-based Quini, an interactive wine tasting, rating and recommendations application and data solutions provider, launched a program in late April for wine schools.

University of Michigan to Build Vehicle Test Complex

The University of Michigan is helping bring a future of networked and driver-less cars closer to reality with its soon to be completed Mobility Transformation Facility (MTF).

Loci Architecture to Design Brooklyn School

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School has selected Loci Architecture of New York to expand the school’s Windsor Terrace campus. The innovative expansion will include converting part of an existing church convent to classrooms and offices, and is expected to take place this summer.