MIT Releases East Campus Redevelopment Plans

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Provost Marty Schmidt recently announced that school officials have progressed on a proposal to rezone the school’s East Campus and Kendall Square parcel in Boston.

FCC Pushes for School Technology Expansion

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took major steps recently to expand digital learning opportunities made possible by the E-rate program.

School Construction Bond Debated in California

The decision to place a statewide school construction bond, known as Assembly Bill (AB) 2235, on the November ballot is still up for debate as Gov. Jerry Brown still has not said whether or not he will terminate the proposal before allowing Californians to vote on it.

Charter Schools Experience Set Backs

Legislators in both Massachusetts and Louisiana last week dealt blows to charter schools in their respective states.

Wine Program Gets Boost from Noted Magazine

The Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation, the charitable arm of Wine Spectator magazine, is making a substantial investment in the future of viticulture with a $3 million gift to Sonoma State University.