High-Speed Oven

The Xcelerate Hi-Speed oven from Alto-Shaam combines powerful microwave and air impingement technologies to cook up to 10 times faster than a conventional oven while maintaining a freshly baked taste, texture and appearance.

Short-Throw Projector

Hitachi America Ltd. introduced the CP-AX2505, CP-AX3505, CP-AW2505 and CP-AW3005 LCD projectors capable of large, high-quality images in small spaces.

Adjustable Lighting

SchoolVision by Phillips delivers a specially calibrated light spectrum that helps children concentrate and adapts to different classroom activities.

Lightning Protection

The Prevectron system by National Lightning Protection Corporation is a laboratory-tested lighting protection system designed for public buildings such as stadiums, schools and university facilities.

LED Luminaire

Architectural Lighting Works — an international manufacturer of high-performance, commercial luminaires designed for use in office, retail, hospitality, civic and academic environments — announced the release of its Lightplane 1 Round luminaire.