High Performing LEDs

Lighting Science will soon offer Series A+ LEDs. Boasting a 97+ CRI, Series A+ LEDs perform brilliantly in any application demanding high color saturation, vivid definition or directional highlights.

Flooring Adhesive

DriTac Flooring Products introduced Supreme Green DriTac 7800, a single-component, 5-in-1 adhesive that offers unlimited subfloor moisture control with no testing required and a lifetime warranty.

Reinforced Door

The FRP Door System by Curries is a fiberglass reinforced polyester door and aluminum frame system intended primarily for exterior openings such as schools, restaurants or any opening in high use and abuse areas.

Roofing Underlayment

ESP Low-E Therma Sheet, an easy-to-install reflective insulation, offers an industry-leading thermal and moisture barrier.

High-Efficiency Urinal

Sloan, a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has added a new Hybrid Retrofit Urinal to its collection of high-efficiency products that cut water use dramatically and make it easy to replace existing urinals — both traditional flushing and water-free styles.