Building Stone

Renaissance Masonry Units by Arriscraft are manufactured to mirror natural stone formation, resulting in exceptionally tight dimensional tolerances, high strength, high density, low absorption and outstanding durability.

High Performing LEDs

Lighting Science will soon offer Series A+ LEDs. Boasting a 97+ CRI, Series A+ LEDs perform brilliantly in any application demanding high color saturation, vivid definition or directional highlights.

Flooring Adhesive

DriTac Flooring Products introduced Supreme Green DriTac 7800, a single-component, 5-in-1 adhesive that offers unlimited subfloor moisture control with no testing required and a lifetime warranty.

Reinforced Door

The FRP Door System by Curries is a fiberglass reinforced polyester door and aluminum frame system intended primarily for exterior openings such as schools, restaurants or any opening in high use and abuse areas.

Roofing Underlayment

ESP Low-E Therma Sheet, an easy-to-install reflective insulation, offers an industry-leading thermal and moisture barrier.