Wind Turbine

Polaris offers 20-kilowatt, 25-kilowatt, 39.9-kilowatt, 50-kilowatt and 100-kilowatt horizontal axis and upwind wind turbines for use in schools, universities and other institutions.

Curtainwall/Window Wall System

Wausau’s SuperWall SSG, a four-sided, silicone-glazed curtainwall and window wall system, is both easy to fabricate and easy to install.

Hand Rail System

Interna-Rail by Hollaender is a sleek, sophisticated architectural handrail system that offers strength, durability and corrosion resistance in any environment.

LED Luminaires

The American Electric Lighting Autobahn LED luminaires from Acuity Brands Inc. are designed to deliver quality performance and a quick payback.

Lighting Fixture

LaMar Lighting Company has introduced the Atria Series of premium-grade pendant lighting fixtures.