High-Performance Cladding System

Outsulation X by Dryvit is a high-performance, air- and water-resistive exterior cladding system that yields a 39 percent greater energy efficiency and 36 percent better impact resistance when compared with similar expanded polystyrene-based systems.

Energy Star Lamp

The award-winning Helen Lamp by Lunera delivers 900 lumens of usable light in four different color temperatures to fit a variety of learning needs and educational spaces.

Student Seating

National Office Furniture, a unit of Kimball International Inc., has introduced the Essay line of student-inspired seating.

Wind Turbine

Polaris offers 20-kilowatt, 25-kilowatt, 39.9-kilowatt, 50-kilowatt and 100-kilowatt horizontal axis and upwind wind turbines for use in schools, universities and other institutions.

Curtainwall/Window Wall System

Wausau’s SuperWall SSG, a four-sided, silicone-glazed curtainwall and window wall system, is both easy to fabricate and easy to install.