Safety in Schools: Priority vs. Necessity

By Kent Jurney
Security in schools has always been a top priority, but recently it has become a necessity. Active shooters in schools have increased the level of awareness and concern for overall campus safety. In 2002, the Secret Service completed the Safe School Initiative during which it analyzed 37 incidents involving 41 student attackers.

Indiana State to Debut Major Renovations

By Jessie Fetterling
Construction projects totaling roughly $55 million are currently underway at Indiana State University (ISU) in Terre Haute, with two major projects debuting in time for the start of classes in August. A 15-month renovation will result in a whole new look for Mills Hall, while ISU’s former library building, Normal Hall, will house the University College and Center for Student Success after its own $16 million renovation.

Clemson University Constructs Massive Residential Village

By Jessie Fetterling
Clemson University is currently constructing a new mixed-use residential village called Douthit Hills, it’s largest building project to date. When the 80-acre development opens in the summer of 2018, it will include seven residential buildings and a central hub building — all of which will be connected by outdoor spaces and aligned with Tillman Hall, a campus landmark built in the 1890s that is currently home to the university’s education department.

Important Considerations in Library Design

By Denny Hammack
Although individual titles may form its foundation, the modern school or university library is more than a collection of books. It serves as an interactive multimedia center designed to support learning and social cohesion.

Tackling Capital Planning One Problem at a Time

By Nadine Chin-Santos
When school administrations prepare a capital plan, the task is anything but simple. It’s extremely difficult to determine and prioritize the complex needs of aging facilities, especially with tight budgets and processes involving internal and external stakeholders.