HMC Merges with San Francisco’s Beverly Prior Architects

California-based planning and design firm HMC Architects merged with Beverly Prior Architects of San Francisco.

Study: LED Bulbs Pose Health Hazard

By: Sameea Kamal
A UC Irvine study found that LED light bulbs, considered preferable alternatives, contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially hazardous substances

Safety Bill Envisions Interoperable Communications in Schools

A bill proposed by Colorado state senator aims to equip all schools with statewide communications interoperability — the first bill in the nation to propose a system on a statewide scale.

Bio-Defense Facility at KSU On Track for Funding

Funding for the nation’s Bio and Agro-Defense Facility at Kansas State University is on track, according to President Obama's proposed 2012 fiscal year budget.

Environmental Curriculum Launches in California Districts

California has become first state to launch the Education and Environment Initiative, a program that provides 85 units of environment-based curriculum.

$3 Million Gift to UC Davis for Sustainable Winery

UC Davis announced a $3 million commitment made by Jackson Family Wines

Construction Boondoggle Leaves Classroom Seats Empty

Schools built through the state’s emergency construction funding resulted in more than 25 percent of empty seats at half the schools, a state report found.

Dashboard Displays

Full-service graphic design firm QA Graphics was recently hired to install its Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard at Chemawa Indian School.

Students Learn From Sustainability

By Bryna Dunn
Educators often talk about teachable moments — opportunities to encourage students to think critically about and learn from a current event or issue. The incorporation of visible design features and energy and water measurement devices that display data can help students learn about green buildings.

Green Scene: Districtwide Sustainability

By Rachel Gutter
Many of us who work in the green building movement have a tendency to present sustainability as though it is a new idea. In fact, it is quite the opposite.