College Auditorium Earns LEED Silver

The largest classroom at Connecticut College earned LEED Silver certification after the completion of remodeling work.

University Solar Fields on the Rise

By Sameea Kamal
One of the latest trends on college campuses is an increasing number of solar energy fields hosted by universities, made possible by a number of supporting factors.

Green School Retrofits

By Rachel Gutter
Just because you aren’t building green schools doesn’t mean you can’t make an existing school facility green.

Department of Energy

By Margo Appel
Districts with energy-efficiency maintenance and operations programs can save as much as 20 percent on energy bills — one of their most costly expenditures — without significant capital investment. That is money that can be spent on teachers, textbooks and technology.

Mesa State College Aims for LEED Gold Certification

Mesa State College expects to receive LEED Gold certification for its new learning center, which recently won an award from the state’s energy provider and utilizes a ground source heating and cooling system.

Clinton Initiative Pumps Greenhouse Gas Fight

Improving old buildings through energy-efficient renovations is the focus of an expanded partnership between the Clinton Climate Initiative and the U.S. Green Building Council to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

AIA Assesses Sustainability In 10 Cities

The American Institute of Architects is targeting 10 cities to receive technical advice on how to make their communities more eco-friendly under its Sustainable Design Assessment Team program.

Fabric-Duct HVAC System Provides Energy Savings

Energy efficient HVAC systems are being lauded in a $25 million expansion project that added two new buildings to William Penn University’s 135-year-old campus.

Solar Savings Generate Scholarship Funding

Scholarship money for Florida Atlantic University students is coming from a new source: the sun.

Modus Wins $8M Contract For Eco-Classrooms

Alberta-based manufacturer Modus was awarded a $8 million contract to supply the province’s schools with 50 new environmentally friendly modular classrooms.