Bloomberg Trading Room Featured at DePaul’s New College of Commerce
By Torrey Sims (06/14/2012)

CHICAGO — DePaul University’s downtown campus is expanding to accommodate the relocation of the University’s College of Commerce, which will include a simulated trade room.

Chicago-based construction company J.C. Anderson, Inc. has been selected to build the 50,000-square-foot build-out by July. Chicago-based Vasilko Architects & Associates, Inc. designed the project.

The expansion will include new offices, meeting rooms, video rooms and a state-of-the-art multi-tiered Trading Room on the fifth floor of the DePaul Center. Business offices for the city of Chicago previously occupied the floor.

The highlight of the new college is the Bloomberg Trading Room, which will include all the features of a fully functional and professional trade room. Those include video-conferencing technology and drop-down screens that allow students to experience real-life business situations.

“The Bloomberg Trading Room is the most prominently located room and intentionally exposed to visitors. Acoustical glass allows those passing by to see the activity in the room,” said Mike Vasilko, president of Vasilko Architects & Associates, Inc. “This room is a showpiece designed to impress potential students visiting the university. The Trading Room seats 60 people who work in teams and operate the same trading room software found in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, and other financial exchange hubs located around the world.”

The design and construction also included sustainable features such as low VOC paints and carpeting from recycled materials.

“All of the work done is through green building practices with a focus on environmentally friendly materials and equipment,” said Steve Boulukos, project executive for J.C. Anderson, Inc.

The cost of the project is undisclosed, as a confidentiality agreement was signed with J.C. Anderson, Inc. and Vasilko Architects prior to the start of construction.

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